We are now accepting applications for our JANUARY 2020, Day time LAW ENFORCEMENT and CORRECTIONS CLASSES...


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Criminal Justice Entrance Procedure


Mandatory Academy Introduction Class

Your first requirement is to attend an Academy Introduction Class, where we will explain the requirements for our Basic Recruit programs and what is expected of you. We will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the programs. The Academy Introduction is held in the room indicated below and starts promptly at 9 am or 6 pm depending on the date (Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to sign in). The introduction will last for about an hour.

Once you have attended the Academy Introduction we will email you an Academy Entrance Application. This application must be completed on a computer and printed out to be turned in with the rest of your checklist items. (Handwritten applications are not accepted).

Academy Introductions are hosted the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month as scheduled below. You need not make a reservation; just appear at your convenience and sign-in. You may bring paper to take notes surrounding the actions that will be expected from you. Attendance is limited to individuals interested in the Academy only. Dress Code is Business Casual.

Dress Code

Males – Business Casual – Polo shirt, dress shirt and slacks (no jeans or T-shirts). Dress/casual shoes; no beach sandals or tennis shoes.
Females – Business Casual – Dresses, pants, skirts, tops (no jeans); no spaghetti straps. Dress/casual shoes; no beach sandals or tennis shoes.


Introduction Class Dates


Caution - Viewing on a cell phone may distort class, date and time alignment

July 2, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
July 17, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277
August 6, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
August 21, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277
September 3, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
September 18, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277
October 1, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
October 16, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277
November 5, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
November 20, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277
December 3, 2019 Tuesday 9:00 am Room 277
December 18, 2019 Wednesday 6:00 pm Room 277



Within 24 hours of attending an Introduction session, all potential students will be emailed the application packet which details all requirements to apply for the program. Once the applicaion is complete and all documentation is collected, YOU MUST SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with the Public Safety Training Secretary, (352) 726-2430, ext. 4352, to review your application.


The CJBAT measures the defined “minimum competencies” in three separately-timed sections as follows: Section I - behavioral attributes; Section II - memorization; and Section III – written comprehension, written expression, deductive reasoning, and inductive reasoning. In total, there are 97 questions on the CJBAT. You will have 1 ½ hours (90 minutes) to complete the exam. 

Exam Cost - $39


To register go to Pearsonvue.com

Candidates will need to create a Pearson VUE account before being able to register for an exam. The unique client candidate ID will be a nine alpha-numeric field. The prefix will be BAT followed by 6 numeric digits.

Please VERIFY that you have created your web account with your LEGAL name as it appears on your government-issued ID and that your personal information is CORRECT. Contact Pearson VUE immediately to correct the spelling of your name or update your personal information if you notice any errors. It is very important that this information is correct, as it will appear as it was entered on the documentation provided to you after you have completed the exam.

  • All payments for exam fees ($39) are handled through Pearson VUE.
  • Candidates need to request accommodations from Pearson VUE, as noted in the "Accommodations" section. The Pearson VUE Accommodations Team will schedule the appointments and make the necessary arrangements.

All FDLE (BAT) exams should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance

SCORES: Passing scores for WTC Florida Law Enforcement Academy 70% and Correctional Officer 70%

CJBATs are good for 4 years from the date administered.



A:  WTC offers CJBAT Study Guides for about $20.00 (includes tax). To obtain a copy go to this link.
A:   ID (Driver’s License) for access to campus.
A:  The Florida Law Enforcement Academy CJBAT= 70 Correctional Officer CJBAT= 70
A:  3 times for each exam (The Florida Law Enforcement Academy or Correctional Officer)
A:  You must obtain your passing CJBAT before the application will be accepted. You must attend an Academy Introduction. If you have already attended an Introduction, your next step is to complete the Academy Application and all required documents then contact the Public Safety Training Center for an Application Drop-Off Appointment at (352) 726-2430 x4352.

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Document/Fee Requirements

At the time of your Application Submission, please prepare the required documents individually and in the order they are listed on the checklist. We understand that you may be at the mercy of another organization (i.e., transcripts from a University) and it is acceptable to submit without a document as long as you have initiated the effort and are awaiting fulfillment.

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  • Fingerprint sessions are a mandatory requirement and the fee is $75.
  • Please await instructions prior to payment and fingerprint processing.
  • All fees are paid in the Business Office (call 726-2430, ext. 4304 for the Business Office hours) and your payment receipt is presented to the Academy Secretary.

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Physical Exam

  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor or a local clinic for a physical examination.
  • Your doctor is to complete the form 75 which basically states that you are fit enough to participate in our physical fitness programs, defensive tactics programs and you can be exposed to pepper spray.
  • Submit the 75 along with your Application and required documents.

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You will have to schedule and complete a Physical Agilities Test (PAT) which consists of a half-mile course with approximately 13 objectives including walls, ladders, hurdles, windows and doors. A detailed description of this course will be provided to you prior to taking the PAT. Please await direction from your Academy Coordinator or the Academy Secretary.

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Drug Screening

All candidates will be subject to random Drug Screening any time throughout the application or Academy duration. There is no action required on the part of the candidate unless directed.

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