Now accepting applications for our JANUARY 2019, Daytime LAW ENFORCEMENT and CORRECTIONS ACADEMY...Now offering Out of State EXEMPTION OF TRAINING (EOT) evaluations and courses...We offer HR 218 for RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS...HANDGUN SAFETY for WOMEN...BASIC FIREARMS SAFETY...See link below.

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Contact Us

Claudia Ratcliff
Ms. Claudia Ratcliff
Academy Secretary
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4352
Fax: 352-249-2155
Ed Gough
Mr. Ed Gough
Assessment Coordinator
EOT Coordinator
Advanced and Specialized Training Coordinator
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4376
John Clark
Sgt. Juan Santiago
The Florida Law Enforcement Academy Coordinator
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4351
Vincent Cruz
Mr. Vincent Cruz
Correctional Officer Academy Coordinator
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4350
Lt. Michael Kanter
Captain Michael Kanter
Training Center Director
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4353