April 2020 we will begin accepting applications for our August 2020, night  LAW ENFORCEMENT and CORRECTIONS CLASSES.          Important Tax Information       1098T's   WTC is required to complete  Form 1098T that shows tuition and fees paid by students. The IRS requires that FOrm 1098T be mailed by the issuer on or before January 31, 2020.


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Contact Us

Debora D'Alto
Ms. Denise Barber
Academy Secretary
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4352
Fax: 352-249-2155
John Clark
Sgt. Juan Santiago
The Florida Law Enforcement Academy Coordinator
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4351
Joe Palminteri
Mr. Joe Palminteri
Public Safety Training Coordinator
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4350
Lt. Michael Kanter
Captain Michael Kanter
Training Center Director
Phone: 352-726-2430, x4353