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Nursing Assistant (Articulated)

Nursing Assistant (Articulated)


The mission of the Nursing Assistant (Articulated) Program is to provide the instruction needed for students to become employed as a Certified Nursing Assistant.


Clinical instruction is provided at local hospitals, geriatric facilities, hospice, and a variety of other health care settings.

Course completion skills include personal hygienic care, sanitation, infection control (including blood borne diseases) record keeping, observing and recording vital signs, care of patients, pre-operative care, post-operative care, assist with physicals, patient admission, transfer and discharge, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and CPR and First Aid.



Unique Requirements

Completion time depends on the progress of the individual. The typical length of this program for the average achieving student is 165 hours.

Completion Levels:

  • Health Careers Core - Basic Health Care Worker
  • Nurse Aide and Orderly (Articulated)

Certificate Requirements:

A student must meet ALL the following conditions to earn a Certificate of Program Completion from WTC:

  • Pass all courses and OCPs in the program
  • Complete the required curriculum
  • Settle all school debt including returning textbooks for high school students
  • Receive the instructor's recommendation

Program Information

Information about new classes coming soon
Typical class times vary depending on clinicals

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